Use our core group of IT experts to engage in specific tasks. Consider this as your SWAT Team on demand.

Over the years we have mastered new technologies and formed a group of experts with experience in areas of IT such as:




Cloud Migration




Solution Architecture


Application Optimization


Infrastructure Optimization


You don’t have to hire an IT expert for your project, you just use what you need in order to reduce cost and get access to top talent
We enable your organization to access the latest IT advancements, without the burden of having a R&D area at your own cost
We can work on bleeding edge technologies and help you explore new tech as your projects need it
We are a proven ally who help you speed up innovation and get your ideas off the page and into production

Success History

Cloud Migration for Hi Tech Organization at the US


An important company in software development, had 4 platforms to be migrated in less than 1 month from their own servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS), but they lacked trained professionals and an IT staff to overlook and execute the process.


We assign a team of 4 experts in: DevOps, AWS Solution Architect, Software Development and DBA on demand, just for the actual hours needed for the job.


  • We concluded the migration within the deadline requested, helping them identifying areas to improve and making the necessary changes in their platforms to get the full benefits of a cloud environment.
  • The result was a successful project, executed within the time frame and saving more than 60% on the projects initial cost.

Service Provided: IT Gurus – Cloud Migration